Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Free Motion Postcard for January

Monochromaticism seems to be the "in" topic for January.  The Fifteen by Fifteen challenge due February 1 is Monochromatic, and the theme for the January free motion quilting postcard exchange was a monochromatic color scheme with an all over quilting design. 

I chose to make a gradated flying geese card using blue Cherrywood fabric.  This was quilted with a design based on Angela Walters' arches pattern, using 100 weight Superior Threads 100 weight Kimono silk in two shades of blue.  The flying geese were paper pieced.


Margaret said...

And guess what our first EB assignment involves...? Yep...a value study...monochromatic...

P.S. The postcard is elegant in its simplicity. Lovely!

dileep k said...

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