Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Jane Sassaman Project

This is the project which I started at Art Quilt Tahoe. I would love to get your feedback on this piece please. I am thinking of cutting it off at the leaf at the bottom. Susan


Purple Missus said...

WOW Susan. I don't know too much about P&Q - but this is wonderful. The colours are beautiful.Well done!

Jax said...

This is really lovely ! Why are you thinking of cutting it off ? I could see where taking of an inch or so might balance it more.

Is this all fused work?

It is very nice! What did you think of Jane as a teacher?


English Rose said...

Hi Susan, I have just joined the C&G textiles site and found your blog, this piece is wonderful, very striking. tell me, why do you want to chop off the bottom? I am not a p&q-er, , but I would say that the 3 pointed leaf at the bottom is the weakest element in the design, but could it be worked up in some way rather than chopped off? I am by the way, completely happy to be shot down in flames if you want to come back at me on this - your knowlege of p&q is going to be much greater than mine.