Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

Monday, 1 January 2007

2006 Projects

C and G assignments for Module 2. I have a photo of pear somewhere in fabric :)

These are some of my journal quilt photos. The January Journal quilt is published in their book and the photo is MUCH better. I will have to hunt for photos of some of the later ones.

This project was dye-painted and started in a class with Hollis Chatelaine. It is machine quilted.


Sharon Serrano Ahmed said...

Great work Susan! I especially love Miraim (sp?) and the women - what wonderful lines!

California Fiber artist and composer said...

Thank you for your comments. What I have actually decided to do is to add a blue pad under the leaves---right now it is not in too photographable a state--but I hopefully will get to photograph it soon. I would love any further input---I do not have an art background so design is tough---one of the reasons I am doing C and G. Susan