Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

Friday, 24 December 2010

More completed student projects

From l to r: Lisette, Loralee, Susannah and Dee Dee in their new aprons

Robert and Erin model their aprons
My last Beginning Sewing class for 2010 ended on Monday night.  The students left with their new aprons ready to wear or give as Christmas gifts.  A new round of City of Long Beach Parks and Recreation sewing classes will begin on January 4th.  These classes are always satisfying to teach, especially when students finish their projects. It is wonderful to see how students gain confidence in their sewing skills as the class progresses.


Rayna said...

Oh - ha! I flunked 7th grade sewing; the project was a half-apron. Nobody told me that organdy was NOt the thing to use if you had never sewn before. Sewing still gives me the horrors - but quilts don't count!

Ivory Spring said...

Oh how fun! Your students look most happy!!!

Happy New Year to you too!

p.s. No, the christening dress was given to me by a dear friend. She had it made and in storage, and decided to gift that to my family.